Eye News #11 – Nothing to See Here

I got around to going to my retinal specialist again yesterday (oog, it’d been 2.5 years since the last time), and everything was pretty stable: the interocular pressure was 17-left, 24-right, just about exactly where it had been the last time, and my vision was still fine, although my left eye (the one that exploded […]

Eye News #10 – You May Feel a Slight Pressure

I went to the retinal specialist today, after far too long an absence. It turns out that I hadn’t gone since October 2003, and really, I should go every 4-6 months. I scored 20/20 on my Evil Eye (the Y2K eye), and only scored 20/40 on my Excellent Eye (formerly known as the Blind Eye). […]

Eye News #9 – Nothing But A Burning Light

You may recall that I had had pretty darn good vision after my recent cataract surgery, and I was (exceedingly) happy. But my vision gradually degraded, as 50% of all cataract surgeries do, due to a clouding of the membrane that separates the lens from the back of the eye. It was a gradual, but […]

Eye News #8 – The Gas Menace, Episode II

First, the good news: I saw my retinal surgeon, and he didn’t say,     “Tom, you need to have one more operation on your eye.” Isn’t that splendid?  I think that’s splendid.  Now, the bad news:     He did say, “Tom, you need to have two more operations on your eye.” Details: The operations are […]

Eye News #7 – Checkup Results 4 Weeks After Surgery #3

I saw the doctor again today — he continued to say that my retina looks great and that my lens is continuing to improve.  My pressure has dropped to 12, so he reduced my Cosopt dose from twice to once per day.  This should speed up the production of fluid. He told me to be […]

Eye News #6 – Weeks 8, 9, 10 – The Gas Menace

You probably haven’t heard about the critical nationwide rattlesnake anti-venom shortage (and just as well, you’re probably thinking). Well, it’s true – the only company that manufactures anti-venom in the U.S. shut down their factory in February for upgrading, and they don’t expect to be back on line for at least another month or so. […]

Eye News #5 – Weeks 6 & 7 – Revenge of the Retina!!

You know, I’d stop writing these things if they would just settle down to end with, “…and the boy and his retina lived happily ever after,”  but it’s just been slightly more ‘interesting’ than that. I guess the main thing that I want to say about Week 6 is that I got to go back […]

Eye News #4 – Weeks 4 & 5 – The Retina Strikes Back!

When we last left our hero, he was back at work, and was whistling a happy tune (if a little unsteadily, because of the painkillers). After three weeks the gas bubble in my eye disappeared, and I was (briefly) in heaven.  By this time, I could read quite fine print — some just-slightly-older colleagues were […]

Eye News #3 – I’m Free!

I went to the retinal surgeon today, and he liked the looks of my eye.  He took me off of the pressure-control drugs that were giving me bronchitis (because my pressure was down from 40 or 27 to a superb “10”).   I can breathe again!  Also, he cut the combination steroid / anti-biotic drops from […]

Eye News #2 – One Week After Surgery

My right eye still has a big gas bubble in it, which plays hell with focus. I was thinking at first that this was tears (as in ‘crying’, not the other word which means ‘rips’) in front of the eye, but now I’m pretty sure that it’s the gas bubble. I can tell you, though, […]