A Picture of Bacon Taped to a Cat

Not my cat. Personally, I’m against it.

Peacock / Squirrel / Cat Frenzy!

You’d think that I’d be posting about the SKF debacle, but no: This morning, there were 4 peacocks perched on the fence outside my front yard; the squirrels were going crazy, and the cats were Highly Interested in the squirrels: Left to right: Bitey, Queenie, Tiger Lily (ears, lower right)

Zombie Alert

Seen on reddit: Comments: “This is precisely the sort of thing that’ll reduce readiness when a REAL zombie attack occurs!” —pavel_lishin “I know it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s only a matter of time, people!” —TheColonel “You know what’s scary? I’m not entirely sure what I would do if I would be driving home […]


…so the air conditioner failed on Saturday, and Sylvia and I had an absolutely horrific weekend — so hot, and so humid. I’ve never seen the cats flatter — stretched out for maximum surface area. Our fluffy cat, “Bitey” (possibly the smartest of the lot, and certainly the fluffiest) quickly learned to hang out in […]


So the question to be answered was: can a WordPress blog (my blog, in fact), be updated from an iPhone? And the answer is…yes, and no. I could edit text, and take photos, but I couldn’t upload photos — I had to e-mail the photos from the iPhone to an actual computer, and then post […]

Pet Food Recall Expands Again

As you’ve probably heard by now, the melamine contamination in pet food was almost certainly caused by deliberate adulteration — adding melamine to wheat gluten and rice gluten makes them test higher for proteins, garnering a higher price. Oh yes, and the Chinese food companies in question were placing ads on the Internet for scrap […]

The Year Without a Catten

Yeah, I know, I haven’t posted anything for a while. There’s a lot to write about, but I just haven’t been in the mood. I keep thinking of 2007 as…well, you know. Man, did that suck; I was probably flirting with clinical depression there for a week or so. But hey! It wouldn’t hurt to […]

Catten Trouble, Sunday: General E-mail

I got a call from the Animal Specialty Group saying that Tony’s breathing had gone agonal, and that they were starting resuscitation, but I told them to stop, and he died. Poor little cat. See the first Catten post.

Catten Trouble, Saturday: General E-Mail

I spoke with Dr. Huang, the Intern, today, and she said that Tony ate a little baby food yesterday. They’re currently thinking, based on the blood work and everything else, that he has a liver shunt, where the blood is flowing around the liver, rather than going through it. They’ve added vitamin K and other […]

Catten Trouble, Friday: General E-Mail

The Internist said that Tony’s bilirubin level was too high for them to take the liver function samples (they would just confound the results), so the question of his liver function is still open. The urine sample showed that he wasn’t leaking too much protein out of his urine. This pretty much leaves something like […]