The Year Without a Catten

Yeah, I know, I haven’t posted anything for a while. There’s a lot to write about, but I just haven’t been in the mood. I keep thinking of 2007 as…well, you know. Man, did that suck; I was probably flirting with clinical depression there for a week or so. But hey! It wouldn’t hurt to […]

Catten Trouble, Sunday: General E-mail

I got a call from the Animal Specialty Group saying that Tony’s breathing had gone agonal, and that they were starting resuscitation, but I told them to stop, and he died. Poor little cat. See the first Catten post.

Catten Trouble, Saturday: General E-Mail

I spoke with Dr. Huang, the Intern, today, and she said that Tony ate a little baby food yesterday. They’re currently thinking, based on the blood work and everything else, that he has a liver shunt, where the blood is flowing around the liver, rather than going through it. They’ve added vitamin K and other […]

Catten Trouble, Friday: General E-Mail

The Internist said that Tony’s bilirubin level was too high for them to take the liver function samples (they would just confound the results), so the question of his liver function is still open. The urine sample showed that he wasn’t leaking too much protein out of his urine. This pretty much leaves something like […]

Catten Trouble, Thursday: General E-mail

The stool sample yesterday was negative for parasites. The X-ray yesterday showed no masses in the abdomen, but was somewhat obscured by the fluid which continues to accumulate there. His albumen level, I think it was, is low enough that fluid is leaking out of his blood vessels, apparently. To stabilize him, they were going […]

Catten Trouble, Wednesday: General E-Mail

Tony, last year’s Christmas Catten, has been going through a rough patch lately, which doesn’t seem fair for a little guy who’s already had more than his share of challenges for a one-year-old. I spoke to the vet this morning, and she said that his blood work suggested that he might have Addison’s Disease, though […]

Catten Trouble: Tuesday, E-mail to Family

Well, I took Tony, the Christmas Catten, to the vet, and she said that his abdomen was filled with some kind of fluid, and that his gums were pale. Not very good signs, and not a very easy life, so far, for such a young catten – just a little over one year old. She […]

Catten Trouble, Monday: E-mail Fragment to Family

…and then yesterday Tony (the Christmas Catten) started to look peaked again. Don’t know what’s up with him; maybe he has some sort of chronic infection. I’m taking him to the vet again this morning. -Tom That Darn Catten: See Tuesday’s Catten post.

Good Times

By now, I’ve spoken with several of my friends about the recent election. I, of course, am wildly elated, and have urged them all to “dare to hope for too much!” My friends are less sanguine, and while all are at least cautiously optimistic, from that starting point, they diverge: Industry Figure Sally Helmerich called […]

Christmas Catten, Part 4: Tony Goes Mental

I did a little Googling on the Internet today, and found the probable reason for Tony the Catten’s wobbliness: Spastic cats (CH cats) are sometimes born to females who have suffered Feline Infectious Enteritis (FIE, Feline Panleukopaenia, Feline Distemper) during pregnancy. Cats which have suffered brain damage through an accident may also be unco-ordinated so […]