Ruby on Rails: Cleverness! Evil!

I was reading one of my Ruby on Rails texts (Agile Web Development with Rails, 2nd Ed.), and I came upon something that made me laugh out loud: (code snippet): user = self.find_by_name(name) This code uses a clever little Active Record trick. You see that the first line of the method calls find_by_name. But we […]

Ruby on Rails: Terse, Expressive Beauty

I'm working on a little Ruby on Rails (RoR) learning project, which is just a flashcard system for practice in learning (human) languages. Nothing too terrible, but complex enough that by the time I’ve implemented my project, I’ll know RoR pretty well. I have a nice example about why I like Ruby on Rails so […]

Ruby on Rails: [Annoyed Grunt] Stupid Fixtures!

So, as an example of just the latest stumbling block in my Ruby on Rails learning project, I wanted to set up my database tables with proper Foreign Key constraints. But I keep seeing signs that the RoR mainline developers just totally don’t bother with this. Signs like: it’s not really supported very well. But […]

How to Create and Deploy a Ruby on Rails App

[This post is in progress. I already know several things that need to be improved in it (actually include link to source to new_proj.rb script, document setting up the /etc/sudoers file for the mongrel user, maybe use capistrano’s ssh deployment method), but I need to finish this version first.] [edit: so, I’m probably never going […]

New Ruby on Rails Resource Page

As I work through my Ruby on Rails starter projects, I’ve found quite a few helpful resources — so many that I’m beginning to forget where they all are (or soon will, at least). So I’ve started collecting these resources on a separate page, here: now you can benefit from my diminished mental capacity!

Our Fine Host

I recently began a campaign to learn Ruby on Rails in earnest (more on that later). The hosting company that I had been using does not directly support Ruby (though I’m free to install whatever I want on the VPS). So, I tried that, and it worked for a while, but then my little learning-Ruby […]