2011 Train Trip — Union Station

I recently had one of my best vacations ever, travelling by Amtrak from Los Angeles to Chicago and back (with some side trips by car thrown in). It was lovely, though of course it chewed up a couple of extra travel days. Totally worth it! I rode out on the Amtrak Southwest Chief, from Los […]

Solvang Century 2008 – Official Photos

Here are some professional photos of the event, featuring some of the key players. Yes, the pictures are large, but these men are larger-than-life. Note also that I do not have copyright to these photos, even though I have purchased them. I’m free to use them for my personal use, though, whatever that means. In […]

Solvang Century 2008

The weekend started well. We avoided sliding into a ravine at the Gaviota pass, where half of the road was washed out, and had a delicious night-before dinner at Mattei’s Tavern. Wined and dined, sleek and satisfied, we were ready to ride 100 miles on our trusty bicycles. The next morning, Ron and I both […]

Solvang Century 2008 Countdown

T-minus 6 days: Egad, look at that thing. Especially that Wacky, Wacky Foxen Canyon Road — that’s the 1,100-foot climb from mile 75 to mile 85. It just keeps getting steeper the higher you climb! It took me 75 minutes to climb it in 2002, my best performance ever: I was fatter, but younger. Industry […]

Google Mars

Now with five times more Martians! See it now!

Industry Figures Descend On Indianapolis (5 Missing, Presumed Dead)

My old college buddies, Industry Figures Leah and Stephen Newell, drove 3 hours from Illinois out to see me while I was visiting my mother and my sister’s family near Indianapolis, and they wouldn’t even let me buy them lunch. We had the best visit ever, and the time just flew by: as we were […]

We Train (But Not In Vain)

My buddy Larry Helmerich lured me into going on some mass-transit adventures in Los Angeles recently. It’s fun, and we’ve enjoyed learning the ropes of the system. Today, we tried getting from his house in Sylmar (maybe 25 miles NW of downtown Los Angeles) to Old Town Pasadena (maybe 15 miles north of Los Angeles). […]

Happy Boxing Day! (A Christmas Travel Story)

Happy Boxing Day (still true on the West Coast, though I’m writing from North Carolina), My departure to and from LAX couldn’t have been more hectic. I got up at 3:30am, because we really needed to leave by 4:30am if we wanted to be at the airport 1 1/2 hours before departure time. When my […]

Journey to France (#4: Qu’est-ce que c’est «l’autocar?»)

[The story so far: Our Heroes have secured snug transport, scary and delicious food, and comfortable lodgings at Novotel in the La Défense section on the outskirts of Paris.] Monday morning Ron and I got up early (6:30 AM local time) and walked through sector 1 of La Défense, basically walking to the Grande Arche […]

Journey to France (#3: “Parisians!”)

[The story thus far: our heroes have navigated their way safely through the minefields of car rentals and viciously-designed European washrooms and have emerged: washed, tanned (we’re from California), and hungry – above all, hungry.] We met at 7:30 on Sunday night and strolled through La Défense, making our way up to La Grande Arche.  […]