Irrational Numbers: Threat or Menace?

It’s short, and is filled with good cautionary advice: Converting Pi to binary: Don’t do it! Who knew about the, e.g., child pornography risk?

Our Eviscerated Mainstream Media

Another milestone, as our nation’s great newspapers fade into the sunset, on Calculated Risk. Consider that both the reporter and the editor would have had to let this mistake slip through. That’s right, the freaking Washington Post!

As Seen in Real Life

Behold, an actual, real live ad that I received along with my weekly update from Science magazine (“Unpopular Science”, as my good friend Reggie Ratcliff once quipped): Stop Cloning Around … Discover Stratagene’s Next Generation Cloning Reagents Regardless of your starting material we offer a solution that will help guarantee the success of your cloning […]

The Relief and Shame of an A-

Yeah, it’s finally happened. After eight straight semesters of straight A’s, too. (Post #8 of 16 Posts in 16 Days)

Fall 2004 Grade Gloat

COMP 615, Computer Science: Advanced Theory of Computability: A I murdered the curve in this class: my 92.5% on the final was a full 9% higher than the closest competitor. The median was 58%. My cumulative score for the course was 87%, which was 8% higher than the second-place finisher. The median was 53%. I […]

Cal State Northridge Honored

From the CSUN Alumni Newsletter… America’s Best Colleges List Ranks Cal State Northridge Among Top 50 Undergraduate Engineering Programs Cal State Northridge’s College of Engineering and Computer Science has ranked among the nation’s best undergraduate engineering programs, according to the new 2005 “America’s Best Colleges” list released by U.S. News & World Report magazine. The […]

Final Proof

…and did you notice that it’s signed by Governor Schwarzenegger?

Summer Grade Gloat

Received from my COMP 588 Software Engineering Economics Professor: Final Exam = 95% Research Paper = 100% Course grade = A Congratulations, Jack Alanen …and those are sweet, sweet Graduate Degree grades!

Computer Science Yes, Math No

I received my graduation evaluation in the mail today, and as feared, there was a crucial piece of paperwork missing that connected my Georgia Tech Mathematics courses to their Cal State equivalents, at least for the purposes of the Math minor. That could have been corrected easily, but more seriously, the Math minor requires that […]

“The Best Gloat Ever!”

Here are the highlights from my final Baccalaureate Semester, and a nice surprise at the actual ceremony: MATH 481a: In my Numerical Methods class (a class that covers how to use computers to estimate high-precision answers to higher math problems such as boundary problems in differential calculus), my Math professor achieved something I would have […]