Moves To A New Home

At long last, has moved to a VPS (a Virtual Private Server, an entire virtual machine running in an emulated environment that goes mostly at full speed, but whenever the operating system tries to talk to the hardware it finds itself cruelly interrupted and redirected to a controlling authority, which then issues the appropriate equivalent instructions).

From the point of view of the server, it’s got its own dedicated machine. And there’s no problem, from the Web Hosting company’s point of view, in giving me total root access to the machine, because it’s just an emulated machine. I can reboot it, whatever; it doesn’t affect anybody else that I’m sharing the actual physical machine with.

On the other hand, it’s a super-professional environment, Hardware RAID 10, backed up daily, etc.

If you’re interested, you can check out the hosting company, ServInt Internet Services, and especially their VPS services, using the links below.

There are three pages in particular that give a good overview of their VPS services:

I signed up for the “Essential” package with the cPanel/WHM flavor.

(Post #4 of 16 Posts in 16 Days)

16 Posts in 16 Days

It’s time to break free of the logjam that has been keeping new posts from arriving. I go on vacation for part of the coming week, and all of the next, so in the next sixteen days, I’m going to get in at least 16 posts on the big board.

There won’t necessarily be a new post every day (though that would clearly be ideal) because I’ve still got a paper to write for Wednesday, and also have to work three days this week, but watch out, they’ll be coming thick and fast.

OK, here we go!