Our Eviscerated Mainstream Media

Another milestone, as our nation’s great newspapers fade into the sunset, on Calculated Risk. Consider that both the reporter and the editor would have had to let this mistake slip through. That’s right, the freaking Washington Post!

TomChappell.com Moves To A New Home

At long last, tomchappell.com has moved to a VPS (a Virtual Private Server, an entire virtual machine running in an emulated environment that goes mostly at full speed, but whenever the operating system tries to talk to the hardware it finds itself cruelly interrupted and redirected to a controlling authority, which then issues the appropriate […]

16 Posts in 16 Days

It’s time to break free of the logjam that has been keeping new posts from arriving. I go on vacation for part of the coming week, and all of the next, so in the next sixteen days, I’m going to get in at least 16 posts on the big board. There won’t necessarily be a […]

Such Wonders

Such Wonders Another fine site from John Blackburn, about matters eclectic (and pedantic, though he denies it).

Pedantry Today

Pedantry Today My long-time friend John Blackburn chronicles our adventures with words, cycling, food, and really just anything that strikes his fancy.