Insecurity – World Leader Edition

I saw this posted somewhere a few weeks ago. Still makes me laugh, because… Dude. Really. It’s OK.

Flowers and Blood

I went to buy some flowers yesterday (having taken Good Friday off), because I have some nice vases at home, and I decided that I liked having some cut flowers around the house. I picked out a few loose flowers, including one of Sylvia’s favorites, the Stargazer Lily, and had them make up a nice […]

Sylvia Chappell Memorial Fund at

Several people have asked if there is some memorial that they could donate to in memory of Sylvia, so I have set up an account at the micro-lender in her name. Anyone who is interested can just send a gift certificate to I will lend the money out to third-world entrepreneurs in […]

Lost Generation

Industry Figure Bruce Lieberman sent me this link, and I have to say, I totally did not expect what happened half-way through: It’s a Groundhog Day’s surprise!

Please Donate Now

Received tonight from the Obama campaign: Thomas — I’m the Chief Financial Officer for Barack Obama’s campaign. I track the donations coming in and the expenses going out. I asked for the opportunity to write to you directly so that I could try to explain what’s happening right now. This organization has thousands of employees […]

Another Frightening Show About the Economy

The promised long version of “The Week America’s Economy Almost Died”, the sequel to The Giant [Global] Pool of Money, has shipped! Okay, for those keeping track, this market freeze-up has been compared, so far in our story, to an oncoming train, an abyss, a monster, and an earthquake. All we need now is a […]

The Week America’s Economy Almost Died

The terrific National Public Radio / Public Radio International team that brought you May’s fantastic story on the subprime meltdown, The Giant [Global] Pool of Money, have prepared a new show on the ongoing credit crisis to air this weekend on PRI’s This American Life. It will be available for streaming or downloading shortly afterward, […]

Skeptics Caucus! Congressman Brad Sherman!

So there I was, reading random news reports about the horrible bailout bill, and thinking bitter thoughts about our ‘representatives’ in Congress, apparently heedless of the calls and faxes that have been running anywhere from 100-to-1 to 300-to-1 against (“They’re running 50% ‘No’, and 50% ‘Hell No!’”, as Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) put it). And […]

Google Publicly Backs Gay Marriage

What a good company! Makes our family want to buy more of their stock, or do a search, or something: …while there are many objections to this proposition [banning gay marriage] — further government encroachment on personal lives, ambiguously written text — it is the chilling and discriminatory effect of the proposition on many of […]

Mortgages are less than half the problem

From a Weiss Research white paper on the financial crisis: Although it is true that the current debt crisis in America originated in the mortgage market, it is not accurate to say that the root of the crisis is strictly in this one sector. Rather, the debt crisis has multiple and varied roots, with excessive […]