Flowers and Blood

I went to buy some flowers yesterday (having taken Good Friday off), because I have some nice vases at home, and I decided that I liked having some cut flowers around the house. I picked out a few loose flowers, including one of Sylvia’s favorites, the Stargazer Lily, and had them make up a nice […]

DRM Worst-Case Scenario

Microsoft is [obviously] not going out of business any time soon, but it’s gotten to be just too much of a hassle for them to continue to support their PlaysForSure Digital Rights Management scheme that they pushed on device manufacturers and customers for years, before deciding that it wasn’t good enough for their own Zune. […]

The P.G. Wodehouse Method of Code Refactoring

I am a long-time fan of P.G. Wodehouse (author of, among many other things, the Jeeves and Wooster stories and novels), for which I have to thank my old friend, Industry Figure Larry Helmerich: I own, I believe, about 50 of his novels or collections of short stories. I am also a long-time Douglas Adams […]


So the question to be answered was: can a WordPress blog (my blog, in fact), be updated from an iPhone? And the answer is…yes, and no. I could edit text, and take photos, but I couldn’t upload photos — I had to e-mail the photos from the iPhone to an actual computer, and then post […]

Great News About Circuit City

…and here’s some terrific news from Forbes about how Circuit City’s rotten mass firing of experienced (and higher-paid) staff, in favor of untrained teen scum, has totally failed! The company has floundered after experiencing a devastating third quarter loss, reported last December 21, of $207.3 million, or $1.26 per share, from $20.4 million, or 12 […]

“Dude, I invented the friggin iPod. Have you heard of it?”

The FSJ (fake Steve Jobs) weighs in.   The ‘About Me’ section makes me laugh.

Ruby on Rails: Cleverness! Evil!

I was reading one of my Ruby on Rails texts (Agile Web Development with Rails, 2nd Ed.), and I came upon something that made me laugh out loud: (code snippet): user = self.find_by_name(name) This code uses a clever little Active Record trick. You see that the first line of the method calls find_by_name. But we […]

Ruby on Rails: Terse, Expressive Beauty

I'm working on a little Ruby on Rails (RoR) learning project, which is just a flashcard system for practice in learning (human) languages. Nothing too terrible, but complex enough that by the time I’ve implemented my project, I’ll know RoR pretty well. I have a nice example about why I like Ruby on Rails so […]

Ruby on Rails: [Annoyed Grunt] Stupid Fixtures!

So, as an example of just the latest stumbling block in my Ruby on Rails learning project, I wanted to set up my database tables with proper Foreign Key constraints. But I keep seeing signs that the RoR mainline developers just totally don’t bother with this. Signs like: it’s not really supported very well. But […]

How to Create and Deploy a Ruby on Rails App

[This post is in progress. I already know several things that need to be improved in it (actually include link to source to new_proj.rb script, document setting up the /etc/sudoers file for the mongrel user, maybe use capistrano’s ssh deployment method), but I need to finish this version first.] [edit: so, I’m probably never going […]