Flowers and Blood

I went to buy some flowers yesterday (having taken Good Friday off), because I have some nice vases at home, and I decided that I liked having some cut flowers around the house. I picked out a few loose flowers, including one of Sylvia’s favorites, the Stargazer Lily, and had them make up a nice […]


…so the air conditioner failed on Saturday, and Sylvia and I had an absolutely horrific weekend — so hot, and so humid. I’ve never seen the cats flatter — stretched out for maximum surface area. Our fluffy cat, “Bitey” (possibly the smartest of the lot, and certainly the fluffiest) quickly learned to hang out in […]


So the question to be answered was: can a WordPress blog (my blog, in fact), be updated from an iPhone? And the answer is…yes, and no. I could edit text, and take photos, but I couldn’t upload photos — I had to e-mail the photos from the iPhone to an actual computer, and then post […]

Great News About Circuit City

…and here’s some terrific news from Forbes about how Circuit City’s rotten mass firing of experienced (and higher-paid) staff, in favor of untrained teen scum, has totally failed! The company has floundered after experiencing a devastating third quarter loss, reported last December 21, of $207.3 million, or $1.26 per share, from $20.4 million, or 12 […]

Losing Weight: Throw Out Your Dishes

…well, don’t throw them out. They’re probably nice, and throwing them out will make you sad. But put them where you won’t use them everyday, and go out and get some slightly smaller ones. I guarantee you that this is so powerful that after just a week of eating off of your wonderful new smaller […]

Our Fine Host

I recently began a campaign to learn Ruby on Rails in earnest (more on that later). The hosting company that I had been using does not directly support Ruby (though I’m free to install whatever I want on the VPS). So, I tried that, and it worked for a while, but then my little learning-Ruby […]

How I Bought A Mattress (“Sears has Everything!”)

When our son Sean moved out, I immediately moved my office and my Bowflex into his old room, which was the larger of the non-master bedrooms in our house. But then there was the question of what to do with the old office room, “the littlest bedroom”. We sometimes have friends who stay late into […]

Office Overhaul: Hitachi 500 GB Deskstar SATA Hard Drive

I have a groovy 2 terabyte RAID array on order, and as part of that, I had ordered a nice Hitachi Deskstar 7200 RPM, 500 GB (actually more like 465 GB) Serial ATA drive, featuring a 16 MB data buffer, and (especially!) a three-year warranty. But then my old friend, Industry Figure Curt Welch, who […]

Office Overhaul: LinkSys 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch (SD2008)

As the second part of a major office overhaul, I’ve replaced the 10 MHz hub that used to infest my office with a Gigabit Switch from LinkSys. For those of you who don’t know, a switch is much more than a hub. Hubs are basically a big piece a wire: they immediately retransmit any electrical […]

Office Overhaul: IOGEAR MiniView Micro ‘USB PLUS’ KVM (GCS632U)

I have two computers in my office, a Mac and a PC, and for a long, long time now, I’ve been making do with a dual-ported display that is shared between the two computers, and entirely redundant keyboards and mice. But it’s a big hassle, and I only had amplified sound with one computer, while […]