Sylvia Chappell Memorial Fund at

Sylvia ChappellSeveral people have asked if there is some memorial that they could donate to in memory of Sylvia, so I have set up an account at the micro-lender in her name.

Anyone who is interested can just send a gift certificate to

I will lend the money out to third-world entrepreneurs in her name, and as the loans are repaid, will initiate new loans to new entrepreneurs.

You can track the progress of the loans initiated by the fund here.

…and isn’t this a lovely photo of Sylvia, by the way? Look at that smile!

This American Life — “Bad Bank”

Where you’ll hear a former IMF economist paraphrase a global bank’s recent strategic white paper as:

“That sure is a nice global economy you’ve got there…
…Be a shame if anything were to happen to it…”

This is the third big program on the economy from the This American Life/National Public Radio team that brought you The Giant Pool of Money and Another Frightening Show About the Economy.

Listen to the full episode by going to the Bad Bank program page at This American Life,
and hit refresh if you don’t see the Full Episode download link.

“Bad Bank”
February 27, 2009