Explanation For ‘Face Blindness’ Offered

From ScienceDaily.com: For the first time, scientists have been able to map the disruption in neural circuitry of people suffering from congenital prosopagnosia, sometimes known as face blindness, and have been able to offer a biological explanation for this intriguing disorder. …[U]nlike that of normal brains, there was a reduction in the integrity of the […]

Surprising Captions During “The Big Bang Theory”

So, there we were, about 17 minutes through tonight’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, and suddenly, the closed captioning diverted radically from what the characters were actually saying. Closed captions: […going along normally, matching the acting, and suddenly:] “…but if you think about it, it kind of makes sense, because her mouth is on […]

Lost Generation

Industry Figure Bruce Lieberman sent me this link, and I have to say, I totally did not expect what happened half-way through: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42E2fAWM6rA It’s a Groundhog Day’s surprise!

Toxic Mall Wife

I must write up the wonderful Saturday that I had with Industry Figure Larry Helmerich, but this is…well, easier, and I really laughed at the metaphor: Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the crux of the problem: We are reliably informed that whatever part of the economic crisis can’t be pinned on Wall Street — or […]