Tilted Twister: A LEGO Rubik’s Cube Solver

I had been thinking of getting a LEGO Mindstorms set, but wasn’t sure how much they could do.

Then I saw on the web that a fellow named Hans Andersson had designed a Rubik’s Cube solver that uses only the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Retail Kit.

Watch the video!

My LEGO Mindstorms NXT set is now on order, using my livesystems.com sale money.

I actually got a little more money than that, but of course I shared some with
Industry Figure Chris Gibson.

Initially he told me to just take all the money, but I protested:
“Surely you want half? Even Bill Gates gets half!” [Copyright 1997 TheOnion.com]

“Well, I don’t want to be as greedy as Bill Gates; give me a third,” he said, and so we did.

See full construction details for Tilted Twister, including software, at tiltedtwister.com.

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