Better Know a GOP VP Pick

In a naked and desperate move to court the hypothetical PUMA vote, McCain names Sarah Palin, a 44-year-old woman as his pick for Vice President. What do we know about her? Well, she’s an book-banning, creationism-teaching, abstinence-only, anti-choice evangelical, for starters — I can hear the stampedes of supposed disaffected Democrats already! And then there’s […]

Calabasas Fire

A fire broke out today about a mile from the office where Industry Figure Larry Helmerich and I work in Calabasas, California. We first noticed it was “a little smoky” around 1:00pm, and within 15 minutes, it looked like this, with the whole ridge on its way up to Smoky Town (this photo taken as […]

Our Eviscerated Mainstream Media

Another milestone, as our nation’s great newspapers fade into the sunset, on Calculated Risk. Consider that both the reporter and the editor would have had to let this mistake slip through. That’s right, the freaking Washington Post!

Intentional Community

…a term I’d never heard before. Keri Rainsberger isn’t rich. She works in the nonprofit world for a relatively low-profit salary. Yet, as many Americans are scrimping for every penny, she hardly feels the pinch. …”I live so far below my means that it doesn’t really register,” says Rainsberger, a 31-year-old Chicagoan with a wiry […]

Should you buy a home…now?

From the Los Angeles Times: Los Angeles economist Christopher Thornberg believes that home prices will stabilize when homes are affordable to about 25% of the adult population. For that to happen in Southern California, home prices would have to come down 20% to 35% from their current levels, Thornberg said. “There’s no way in hell […]