Peacock / Squirrel / Cat Frenzy!

You’d think that I’d be posting about the SKF debacle, but no: This morning, there were 4 peacocks perched on the fence outside my front yard; the squirrels were going crazy, and the cats were Highly Interested in the squirrels: Left to right: Bitey, Queenie, Tiger Lily (ears, lower right)

My Page

Here’s a link to my lender page at, a charitable micro-lender that connects lenders to borrowers, all over the world. Note that the bottom of the lender page lists the distribution amongst gender and locale. How it works: you make small loans to small entrepreneurs. They pay you back. Olesya Mikitina is my cutest recipient — if […]

Zombie Alert

Seen on reddit: Comments: “This is precisely the sort of thing that’ll reduce readiness when a REAL zombie attack occurs!” —pavel_lishin “I know it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s only a matter of time, people!” —TheColonel “You know what’s scary? I’m not entirely sure what I would do if I would be driving home […]