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Here’s a link to my lender page at, a charitable micro-lender that connects lenders to borrowers, all over the world.

Note that the bottom of the lender page lists the distribution amongst gender and locale.

How it works: you make small loans to small entrepreneurs. They pay you back.

Olesya Mikitina - Baker

Olesya Mikitina is my cutest recipient — if you’re in the Ukraine, stop by and pick up a lovely new stove exhaust fan (in high demand, this season!), and while you’re there, try a delicious khrustyky!

Zombie Alert

Seen on reddit:
Danger: Zombie Attack


“This is precisely the sort of thing that’ll reduce readiness when a REAL zombie attack occurs!”

“I know it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s only a matter of time, people!”

“You know what’s scary? I’m not entirely sure what I would do if I would be driving home and saw that sign. I’ve been planning too long, waiting for the sign of their emergence. It is no laughing matter.”

Commenter truffle_shuffle made the excellent point that zombies are fantastically good at viral marketing, and it’s true that they’re surprisingly effective — I mean, you might not think that you’d be lurching around, moaning for brains, but just wait until you’ve been exposed to it; it grows on you.

Read the full Zombie Survival Guide Interview in the Washington Post:

Falls Church, VA: What do zombies do during the day?

Max Brooks
: Attack and kill, just like the night. One of the reasons they scare me so much. They don’t have any rules.