Hilarious / Terrifying Graph of Lending from Federal Reserve To Banks

Industry Figure Bill Standley sends a graph, sourced from no less than the Federal Reserve itself, showing (as the blue line) the amount of lending from the Fed to bank-like institutions over the last century or so. The grey bars indicate recessions. Note the incredible L-shaped finale: Snapshot above is through May, 2008. Click here […]

Eye News #11 – Nothing to See Here

I got around to going to my retinal specialist again yesterday (oog, it’d been 2.5 years since the last time), and everything was pretty stable: the interocular pressure was 17-left, 24-right, just about exactly where it had been the last time, and my vision was still fine, although my left eye (the one that exploded […]

Housing Price Bust…Getting There!

I’ve written before, a few times, that only the most pessimistic estimates for where the median home prices would end up sounded even close to me. So, where I live, in Southern California, I was looking for prices to fall from their high of $505K to about $303K, a drop of 40%. And…we’re getting there! […]

Industry Figure Obama Fundraising Blow-Out

Well, we hit the $500 fund-raising target for the Obama ’08 campaign in less than two days. So don’t give any more! — we’ve already made our goal. 🙂

Barack Obama Fundraising Goal

I thought that I’d get involved, for once, and volunteered to raise $500 for Barack Obama’s campaign. The idea of a third consecutive term of the policies of George W. Bush makes me want to vomit, so for me, at least, the choice is clear. And really, I can’t think of a better point to […]

DRM Worst-Case Scenario

Microsoft is [obviously] not going out of business any time soon, but it’s gotten to be just too much of a hassle for them to continue to support their PlaysForSure Digital Rights Management scheme that they pushed on device manufacturers and customers for years, before deciding that it wasn’t good enough for their own Zune. […]