Great News About Circuit City

…and here’s some terrific news from Forbes about how Circuit City’s rotten mass firing of experienced (and higher-paid) staff, in favor of untrained teen scum, has totally failed! The company has floundered after experiencing a devastating third quarter loss, reported last December 21, of $207.3 million, or $1.26 per share, from $20.4 million, or 12 […]

Only Partially Foiled (75-Mile Training Ride)

It’s two weeks until we have to ride 100 miles, with about 5,000 feet of accumulated climbing, at the Solvang Century. Our training rides had been thwarted, again and again, often by the weather, which has picked this year to rain and rain. This week’s forecast: rain, Thursday-Sunday. Egads, and we’d only done 55 miles […]

Bike Ride Amid a Flock of Mopeds

Ron and I have been trying to have a big mountain bike ride for weeks now, and it has just been one thing after another. Rain, injury, you name it. I almost had to cancel this one, because I was sick as could be on Friday and Saturday mornings, but always seemed to feel better […]

Study: Fat People Cheaper To Treat (‘Why?’)

From the Netherlands, a study showing that fat people (and smokers!) spend less on health care, and cost less to treat, even for systems with socialized medicine. And can you guess why? Oh, it’s because they die way sooner. Those pesky thin non-smokers just live and live; they’re very annoying. The researchers found that from […]

Google Mars

Now with five times more Martians! See it now!