Good (and Short) Taubes Article on Cholesterol

There’s a good article by Gary Taubes (author of Good Calories, Bad Calories) in today’s New York Times (run, I was amused to see, as an Op-Ed), discussing the belatedly-published Vytorin trial results, which touches on one of the issues that he raises in his book, but about which I’ve been too lazy to blog […]

Half-Time Show: Forty-Two!

In 1985, I was trim and fit (not to mention 20 years younger). I was walking every night, riding my bike at lunch, and I was down to 179.5 pounds. I am over six feet tall, and that was a good, good weight. Let us fast-forward to 1999, about 14 years later. Somehow, I had […]

Oh, Ow…Why? (New Personal Trainer)

I’ve written before about the cardinal rule of being instructed by a physical therapist or personal trainer, and it’s this: people are naturally efficient, and they are particularly good at exercising the muscles that they normally use, and at not exercising the muscles that they don’t normally use. So, when a trainer tells you how […]

National Body Challenge – Free 8-Week Fitness Club Pass

Discovery Health is doing something called the National Body Challenge, which includes a variety of features, such as exercise plans and what look like some tasty recipes. It’s free, and if you sign up (really) soon, you can download an 8-week free pass to your local Bally Total Fitness, as well as a free personal […]

Industry Figures Descend On Indianapolis (5 Missing, Presumed Dead)

My old college buddies, Industry Figures Leah and Stephen Newell, drove 3 hours from Illinois out to see me while I was visiting my mother and my sister’s family near Indianapolis, and they wouldn’t even let me buy them lunch. We had the best visit ever, and the time just flew by: as we were […]