Study: Lack of Deep Sleep Promotes Insulin Resistance

I habitually trawl the news and science journals, and often find studies that illuminate, confirm, or refute some salient point. I’ve decided to start noting these when I stumble across them, almost more for my own benefit than for yours. But first, more about me: When I was in high school, probably starting around 11th […]

Your Doctor’s Prescriptions: Not Private

I’ve often idly wondered whether or not drug or insurance companies could tell how many and what kind of prescriptions my doctor orders (not just for me, but for everyone), since that would be an obvious conflict-of-interest, allowing the drug companies to kickback some sort of carrot (e.g. solid gold bars), or the insurance companies […]

Part 9:  …Especially Fructose

(Back to Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, or Eight) One piece of advice that you wouldn’t imagine to be controversial, at least, is to minimize your intake of sugar. But even here, the mainstream voice can surprise: the American Diabetes Association still to this day says that for diabetics, “Sucrose-containing foods can […]

We Train (But Not In Vain)

My buddy Larry Helmerich lured me into going on some mass-transit adventures in Los Angeles recently. It’s fun, and we’ve enjoyed learning the ropes of the system. Today, we tried getting from his house in Sylmar (maybe 25 miles NW of downtown Los Angeles) to Old Town Pasadena (maybe 15 miles north of Los Angeles). […]

Part 8: Insulin, High Blood Sugar, and Dementia

(Back to Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, or Seven) By the 1990’s, researchers started reporting that heart disease and Alzheimer’s seemed to share risk factors: hypertension, atherosclerosis, and smoking were all associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The connection with insulin and high blood sugar is concrete: “Type 2 diabetics have […]

Part 7: Safety Second — Deficiency

(Back to Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, or Six) Will a low-carb diet lead to diseases of deficiency? It shouldn’t, because we don’t actually restrict the bulk of fruits and vegetables. Only refined sugar, flour, bread, potatoes, rice, beer, and those foods composed chiefly of these need be restricted. This leaves a rather large […]

Bike Ride: Re-entry (Now With More Words!)

After a nine-week hiatus, Ron and I hit the road again, reprising the ‘easy 50 miles‘ near Ron’s house. We were supposed to get started by 10:00am, but when I went out to get my bike, it was honked, with a flat rear tire, the same tire that had gone flat on each of the […]