The Evangelical Crackup

The New York Times has a nice piece about the disintegration of the religious right, and high time, too. Much of the action takes place in Wichita, Kansas, which Thomas Frank might have had in mind when he wrote What’s the Matter with Kansas?, a terrific book which chronicles the ways that the Republican Right […]

Insane Housing Foreclosures Chart, Redux

From this space, August 7, 2005 (‘Sell! Sell! Sell!’): Oh, man, watch out, the sky is falling. And then, of course, starting in 2006 and going completely nuts in 2007, foreclosures really did hit the fan. Update! For your viewing pleasure, this chart from yesterday’s Los Angeles Times: And, as before, note: This isn’t another […]

Wind Tunnel, With Pictures

The plan: I’m repeating the 100-kilometer long, 5,000-foot ascent Mt. Wilson ride, with new riding partners this time — Ron is temporarily out of the running, recovering from minor surgery, so I’m riding with a couple of other guys from Alcatel-Lucent, who I’ve never ridden with before. Both are almost certainly younger than I am, […]

Mt. Wilson, With Pictures

What a ride! The climb up past the Big Tujunga Canyon Dam overlook was almost routine by now: no wondering if we can do it, just the thrill of having done it, again, and, by now, comparatively easily. Tom at the Big Tujunga Canyon Dam overlook. Ron at the Big Tujunga Canyon Dam overlook. So […]