Completed! 100 Kilometers to Mt. Wilson Observatory

We finished the ride, and we both did great, and what’s more, no one was killed, which is super neat. Details and photos to come — right now I’m trying to catch up with being really, really tired, which I didn’t have time to do properly during the ride itself. Click on the picture to […]

Bike Ride: ‘Just an Easy 50 Miles’

My old friend Larry laughed when I used this phrase to describe today’s ride, but that’s how I pictured it: no heat, no ghosts, no celebrities, living or dead. And that’s how it turned out, so there’s not really too much to discuss, apart from how very badly Ron beat me. Both of us turned […]

The Pirate’s Alphabet

    “Aay!”     “Aye!”     “Arr!” September 19 is International Talk-Like-a-Pirate Day, arr.

Bike Ride: Ron Comes Roaring Back!

Click on the pictures to see larger images: (A 54-mile loop from Tom’s house to the Rose Bowl and back, via Tujunga Canyon, Angeles Crest, and La Tuna) (The same ride, in another view that shows mile markers and elevation per mile) For our fifth big ride, we returned to the wilds of Sunland — […]

Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy?

The Sunday New York Times had an article which at first I thought I wasn’t going to like at all, but which turned out to be fascinating. It described several factors that can confound prospective epidemiologic studies, especially those that report risks or benefits in mere tens of a percent (+10%, -20%), arguing for extreme […]

Solvang Century 2002, Remembered

I tracked down an old e-mail about the joint and separate triumphs Ron and I celebrated at the Solvang Century in 2002, which I’ve posted in the appropriate timeline, though you can see it here. We were much faster than I thought (if my math is right, I completed the 102-mile course in 13.9 mph […]

Bike Ride: Not Too Hot!

The weather in the Conejo Valley (where Ron lives) was forecast to be about 20 degrees cooler Saturday, so Ron and I decided to ride there again this week, to wash the taste of last week’s Desert Heat Blast out of our souls. Ron had been sick through Thursday, but by Friday was feeling much […]

New Product Introduction!

Back in 2002, Andrew Card, Bush’s White House Chief of Staff, famously declared, regarding the administration decision to put off pushing the War Against Iraq until after Labor Day, 2002: “From a marketing point of view, you don’t introduce new products in August.” Well, here we go again. From Juan Cole’s group blog, Informed Comment […]

Bike Ride: Home-Court Advantage Evaporates in Heat

Click on the picture to see a larger image: Ron and I went on our third bike ride in as many weeks, in a move that Industry Figure Chris Ravenscroft characterized as “just stupid.” Why would he be so vehemently opposed? Jealousy, you’re probably thinking, but you’d be wrong. He had some crazy objection to […]