Bike Ride: ‘Great Traver’s Ghost!’

Ron and I embarked on an even more ambitious bike ride on Saturday, with fully 20% more distance (42 miles) and almost 50% more climbing (3,650 ft.) than last week’s triumphant procession. Plus, we had the moral advantage of starting and finishing at the same point (my house), so we earned every delicious downhill by […]

Bike Ride: Sunland to Rose Bowl, via Angeles Crest

Industry Figure Ron Traver and I had a great 35-mile ride through the mountains near my house Sunday. Click on the image below to see a slideshow of the route: Take a look at it if you haven’t already; it’s pretty awesome, with 2,500 feet of climbing. Those mountains didn’t phase me, though they did […]

Younger Next Year

My favorite of the half-dozen or so books on health, nutrition, and exercise that I’ve read recently is Younger Next Year. Its chapters mostly alternate between its two authors: on the one hand, Henry Lodge M.D., a board-certified internist, and on on the other, Chris Crowley, one of his star 70-year-old patients. Harry gives you […]

The Dark Side of ‘No New Taxes’

Nick Coleman, a columnist for the Minneapolis – St. Paul Star Tribune, has written a damning column about what the horrific collapse of the I-35W bridge says about our government, and our society. It reads, in part: …The death bridge was “structurally deficient,” we now learn, and had a rating of just 50 percent, the […]