Body Mass Index and Diabetes

Alert Reader and Industry Figure Stephen Newell pointed out the wonderfulness of “Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating”, by researcher Walter C. Willett, M.D. It’s notable for being backed up by peer-reviewed studies, which is too rare in these kinds of books. (“Whoa, Science? I’m suspicious!”) As an […]

Fasting Blood Glucose Targets

There are (relatively) affordable kits available nowadays to test your blood glucose levels at home, and anyone who has fat around their waist or who has been told that they are insulin-resistant or pre-diabetic should buy one, and use it. But what do the levels mean? What’s good? What’s bad? Somewhere around blood glucose levels […]

Losing Weight: Yo-Yo You

I came across these simple rules the other day in one of the nutrition books that I’ve been reading lately, which are a great synopsis of what we’ve been talking about: 1. If you try to lose weight by dieting, with no exercise, your body will lose fat and muscle. 2. If you go off […]

25th Wedding Anniversary

Tom and Sylvia’s 25th Wedding Anniversary dinner at our favorite local Japanese restaurant, Tori Yen in Tujunga, California. So that the photo would more properly mark the occasion, they gave Sylvia a geisha wig and a duck’s beak, and gave me a Groucho mask, along with authentic Japanese hair costumery. They also festooned us with […]