As Seen in Real Life

Behold, an actual, real live ad that I received along with my weekly update from Science magazine
(“Unpopular Science”, as my good friend Reggie Ratcliff once quipped):

Stop Cloning Around …
Discover Stratagene’s Next Generation Cloning Reagents

Regardless of your starting material we offer a solution that will
help guarantee the success of your cloning experiments. Our next
generation cloning reagents include: Accuscript™ High Fidelity
Reverse Transcriptase – the most accurate RT. PfuUltra®II
and Herculase® DNA Polymerases – providing the highest
fidelity and yields respectively. StrataClone™ PCR Cloning Kits
– the new, more affordable topoisomerase-based cloning method.

I shared this with a good friend, and he wondered if it was a hoax. No, the whole magazine is like that, just brimming over with enough actual science to make your head spin.

Hey, and you can get a subscription for only $75/year, if you’re a student.

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