Torture: Still Bad

Tuesday night’s Republican Presidential Debate was a debacle: the biggest applause from the audience was in favor of waterboarding, and the candidates variously called for doubling the size of Guantanamo (Mitt Romney), employing the talents of fictional torturer Jack Bauer (Tom Tancredo), or for interragators to “use use every method they could think of” (Rudy […]

As Seen in Real Life

Behold, an actual, real live ad that I received along with my weekly update from Science magazine (“Unpopular Science”, as my good friend Reggie Ratcliff once quipped): Stop Cloning Around … Discover Stratagene’s Next Generation Cloning Reagents Regardless of your starting material we offer a solution that will help guarantee the success of your cloning […]

Pet Food Recall Expands Again

As you’ve probably heard by now, the melamine contamination in pet food was almost certainly caused by deliberate adulteration — adding melamine to wheat gluten and rice gluten makes them test higher for proteins, garnering a higher price. Oh yes, and the Chinese food companies in question were placing ads on the Internet for scrap […]