“Second of all…”

From the last season of The Practice, which introduced Alan Shore and “Denny Crane” (who continue to appear in Boston Legal): Eugene [Speaking of an attorney who claims that God speaks to her, and that bald men can access her thoughts]: Did you hire her? Alan: I don’t have the authority to hire her, Eugene. […]

Ruby on Rails: Cleverness! Evil!

I was reading one of my Ruby on Rails texts (Agile Web Development with Rails, 2nd Ed.), and I came upon something that made me laugh out loud: (code snippet): user = self.find_by_name(name) This code uses a clever little Active Record trick. You see that the first line of the method calls find_by_name. But we […]

Ruby on Rails: Terse, Expressive Beauty

I'm working on a little Ruby on Rails (RoR) learning project, which is just a flashcard system for practice in learning (human) languages. Nothing too terrible, but complex enough that by the time I’ve implemented my project, I’ll know RoR pretty well. I have a nice example about why I like Ruby on Rails so […]

Ruby on Rails: [Annoyed Grunt] Stupid Fixtures!

So, as an example of just the latest stumbling block in my Ruby on Rails learning project, I wanted to set up my database tables with proper Foreign Key constraints. But I keep seeing signs that the RoR mainline developers just totally don’t bother with this. Signs like: it’s not really supported very well. But […]

How to Create and Deploy a Ruby on Rails App

[This post is in progress. I already know several things that need to be improved in it (actually include link to source to new_proj.rb script, document setting up the /etc/sudoers file for the mongrel user, maybe use capistrano’s ssh deployment method), but I need to finish this version first.] [edit: so, I’m probably never going […]

New Ruby on Rails Resource Page

As I work through my Ruby on Rails starter projects, I’ve found quite a few helpful resources — so many that I’m beginning to forget where they all are (or soon will, at least). So I’ve started collecting these resources on a separate page, here: now you can benefit from my diminished mental capacity!

“Cancel or Allow?”

My buddy Chris Ravenscroft says that Apple’s recent ad lampooning Windows Vista’s security exactly captures his Windows Vista experience. True, after 30 minutes, he got kind of disgusted, and threw Vista off a cliff, so maybe that 31st minute would have been outstanding! — we just don’t know. See the Apple Ad: Click here, which […]

Our Fine Host

I recently began a campaign to learn Ruby on Rails in earnest (more on that later). The hosting company that I had been using does not directly support Ruby (though I’m free to install whatever I want on the VPS). So, I tried that, and it worked for a while, but then my little learning-Ruby […]

The Great WordPress Conversion

Google, borrowing a page from Microsoft, suckered me into ‘trying’ their new version of Blogger, and soon all sorts of things were not the way I wanted them, and of course they don’t offer a way to export my blog to other software, or even to just revert to the old version — it’s a […]