Send Out The Clowns!

My actual sticker! Proof, dammit!

We’re still using paper ballots at my polling place, and no lines. Yay, Sunland!

Air America has a free video feed of their marathon Election Night coverage with Rachel Maddow and Jeff Bender.

On Comedy Central, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are hosting a live one-hour finale to their Midseason, Midterm Midtacular, with guest analyst Dan Rather.

Election Returns, as they happen:

Governors’ Races:
Ken Blackwell (R-OH, stole 2004 Presidential Election) loses for Governor.
Deval Patrick (D-MS) wins for Governor.

Senate Races (Democrats +4):
Lincoln Chafee (R-RI) loses to Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) (+1).
Mike DeWine (R-OH) loses to Sharrod Brown (D-OH) (+1).
Katherine Harris (R-FL, stole 2000 Presidential Election) loses to Bill Nelson (D-FL).
Richard Tarrant (R-VT) loses to Bernie Sanders (Independent Socialist-VT).
James Talent (R-MO) loses to Claire McCaskill (D-MO) (+1).
Vile Republican Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) loses to Bob Casey (D-PA) (+1).
Joe Lieberman (?-CN) wins for Senator, replacing Joe Lieberman (“D”-CN).

House Races (Democrats by a Landslide):
The Ghost of Bob Ney (R-PA) loses to Zack Space (D-PA).
The Ghost of Mark Foley (R-FL) loses to Tim Mahoney (D-FL).
The Ghost of Tom DeLay (T-TX) loses to Nick Lampson (D-TX).
Bob Sherwood (R-PA), a.k.a. the Pennsylvania Strangler, loses to Chris Carney.

It’s just so much harder to keep your seat majority when so many of your guys are on their way to (or are currently infesting) a federal prison!

Still in play as of end-of-day Tuesday (Senate Democrats +2?):
Montana and Virginia’s Senate races have the Democratic challengers leading by slim margins!

I gave money to several of those winning and leading Democratic challengers (Claire McCaskill, Zack Space, and Jim Webb among them), so I am fairly deliriously happy at the moment.

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