Good Times

By now, I’ve spoken with several of my friends about the recent election. I, of course, am wildly elated, and have urged them all to “dare to hope for too much!” My friends are less sanguine, and while all are at least cautiously optimistic, from that starting point, they diverge:

Industry Figure Sally Helmerich called her Congressman to say that “I didn’t vote you back into power for bipartisanship; I voted you back into power for Revenge,” while Industry Figure Steve Ring says that finger-pointing about past misdeeds is a waste of an opportunity, that we should simply spend all of our time governing well.

Industry Figure John Blackburn and I both feel that it’s not an either/or situation — there’s plenty of time to do both! For my own part, I have to say that there’s a law enforcement aspect to the recriminations; why should those in power, who have so screwed us over, get a free pass?

But mostly, I’m happy — after 12 years in the wilderness, America finally sees things my way again, however briefly. I’m like the happy, complacent couple below:

This comic always makes me laugh (the man, so comfortable in his undershirt and socks; the woman, so vaguely porcine; both basking in their big-screen TV; the cats, so distressed: “…and once again they act as though they can’t even see it!”). Nowadays, it reminds me of Sad Cat Queenie, who always looks sad in photos. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, Industry Figure Chris Gibson suggests that Queenie can see things that we can’t: “Oh, you’re going to die soon — that’s sad! [Who will feed me?]”

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