Brits Abandon Amarah Base

You may have seen news reports recently about British forces “handing off” their major base in Amarah to Iraqi military forces for the Iraqis to take over security for the region. The actual situation is quite a bit less rosy: First, the British withdrew from Camp Abu Naji near Amara. They only gave the Iraqis […]


Paul Simms writes, in A Prayer, in The New Yorker (5 July 2004): [Lord?] …Please don’t let me cut my own head off while trying to revive the lost Scouting pastime of mumblety-peg… And while surely this is a wish that no one could argue against, or criticize in any way, I am left to […]

Horrible TGN1412 Drug Trial Gets Even More Horrible

I have written before, first here, and then here, about the horrible TGN1412 drug tests that went so disasterously wrong in Britain. And now, an update: On March 13 this year, [Nav] Modi and [five other] patients were injected with TGN1412 while in the Parexel drug testing suite at Northwick Park… Four months later he […]