Ook Ook? Bite Bite Bite Bite Bite!

I was aimlessly browsing the web for entries re: Paul Simms, the creator of the 90’s television comedy NewsRadio, and I found this (to me) hilarious super-short story that he wrote last year for The New Yorker about someone who is, not face blind, but name blind. It’s short, and it made me laugh, so […]

What Does The Iraqi Government Actually Govern?

Former United States ambassador to Croatia, Peter W. Galbraith, writes an outstanding Op-Ed in the New York Times: He asks the question, “What does the Iraqi government, in fact, actually govern?” 1. The South is governed by theocratic militias of well over 100,000 men. During the formal occupation of Iraq in 2003 and 2004, the […]

Breaking News on Face Blindness!

From the New York Times article mentioned in the previous post: Face blindness differs from pervasive cognitive disorders like autism because it usually involves only one specific symptom. Still, face blindness is sometimes accompanied by other problems, especially difficulty in finding one’s way around… OK, if you know me, you’re rolling around on the floor, […]

Test Yourself for Face Blindness!

I’ve mentioned before that I am rather significantly face blind; I find it very difficult to recognize faces, even my own, or those of people I know well. The July issue of The American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A has published a new study about the disorder, finding that it is inherited in 1 […]

Delicious Chili Recipe from Industry Figure Sally Helmerich

What with World War III breaking out over the Middle and Far East, I’m naturally not going to let my blog go silent. And here it is, my response: “Chili is delicious!” My old friend Industry Figure Larry Helmerich’s wife Sally is a great cook, and the thing is, after 20 years of delicious meals […]