Great, Great Movie

My old friend, Industry Figure Larry Helmerich and I went to see Al Gore’s new movie about Global Warming, An Inconvenient Truth, tonight. In Larry’s words, in an e-mail to a mutual friend: It was a great movie! I was a bit reluctant to see it because I thought that it would be depressing and […]

Of Course It Was Stolen (Again)

Despite overwhelming evidence that the United States’ Presidential Election was stolen for the second time in a row in 2004, the press chose to promote the party line that “there might have been irregularities, but they weren’t enough to shift the result.” But they were, and they did. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., writes, in a […]

Global Dimming

Industry Figures John Blackburn and Curt Welch alerted me to this issue over a year ago. I’m not sure why I didn’t post something about it at the time — probably because it left me badly taken aback. I just tonight saw the BBC Horizon episode whose transcript is referenced here, which Curt originally pointed […]