It’s Fun To Say ‘Beaver Valley’

Scene:     Beaver Valley, Pennsylvania.     The Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant, Security Gate.     Tuesday, April 18th, 2006. A big semi tractor-tailer TRUCK arrives. TRUCK DRIVER 1: We’re here to pick up that equipment that the contractors have been using to remodel your nuclear plant. GUARD 1: Sure, we’re expecting you. Ah, we’ve got to inspect the truck, […]

Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nebraska

Now the great revulsion has arrived. The latest Fox News poll puts Mr. Bush’s approval at only 33 percent. According to the polling firm Survey USA, there are only four states in which significantly more people approve of Mr. Bush’s performance than disapprove: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nebraska. If we define red states as states […]

Harry Taylor vs. the Pretender to the Throne

Bush has been making a lot of trips lately trying to build support for his un-Constitutional program of warrantless spying on Americans talking to Americans, and finally, in Charlotte, NC, someone in one of his sifted crowds told him just exactly what most Americans think about that. You wouldn’t think, with polls showing 33% support […]

TGN1412 Drug Trial Participants Recovering

Amazingly, all of the young men stricken down by the TGN1412 drug trial fiasco are now conscious and apparently on the road to recovery. Britain’s The Register reports: All of the volunteers given an experimental immune drug in a London trial have now made it off the critical list at Northwick Park hospital. The last […]

Eek! Alcatel to Buy Lucent

Alcatel has agreed to purchase Lucent (who in turn has agreed to be purchased). It will be the fourth time in my career that a company where I was employed has been bought out by another company (for trivia points, name as many of these as you can!) Deal highlights: Lucent Chief Executive Officer Patricia […]