Impeach Him

Harper’s, March 2006 issue, featuring the article by editor Lewis Lapham, “The Case For Impeachment: Why We Can No Longer Afford George W. Bush.” Visit the Harper’s Magazine web site, or buy the March issue at a newstand near you.

Office Overhaul: Hitachi 500 GB Deskstar SATA Hard Drive

I have a groovy 2 terabyte RAID array on order, and as part of that, I had ordered a nice Hitachi Deskstar 7200 RPM, 500 GB (actually more like 465 GB) Serial ATA drive, featuring a 16 MB data buffer, and (especially!) a three-year warranty. But then my old friend, Industry Figure Curt Welch, who […]

Office Overhaul: LinkSys 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch (SD2008)

As the second part of a major office overhaul, I’ve replaced the 10 MHz hub that used to infest my office with a Gigabit Switch from LinkSys. For those of you who don’t know, a switch is much more than a hub. Hubs are basically a big piece a wire: they immediately retransmit any electrical […]

Office Overhaul: IOGEAR MiniView Micro ‘USB PLUS’ KVM (GCS632U)

I have two computers in my office, a Mac and a PC, and for a long, long time now, I’ve been making do with a dual-ported display that is shared between the two computers, and entirely redundant keyboards and mice. But it’s a big hassle, and I only had amplified sound with one computer, while […]