The Madness of King George: Signing Statement

Fair warning: if you haven’t already heard about this, it’ll likely give you a conniption fit. Ready? All right, remember the McCain-Feingold anti-torture amendment that Bush/Cheney have been fighting frantically (because if America stands for anything, it’s the right to torture prisoners) for weeks and months? And Bush/Cheney lost that battle, right? Last month, Bush […]

Christmas Catten, Part 4: Tony Goes Mental

I did a little Googling on the Internet today, and found the probable reason for Tony the Catten’s wobbliness: Spastic cats (CH cats) are sometimes born to females who have suffered Feline Infectious Enteritis (FIE, Feline Panleukopaenia, Feline Distemper) during pregnancy. Cats which have suffered brain damage through an accident may also be unco-ordinated so […]

Twice The Maddow!

Starting today, Rachel Maddow gets a deservedly expanded showcase: The Rachel Maddow Show grows to two full hours (in the words of Kent Jones, “When faced with natural predators, The Rachel Maddow Show expands to twice its normal size”), as part of the new Air America Mornings. It is, as I say, well-deserved. Rachel’s old […]

Alpha and Omega

And so here we are, we’ve arrived at last: the final post of my self-imposed sprint of 16 Posts in 16 Days. It is both the end of the sprint, and the beginning of the New Year. But what to post? Another pean to More pictures of the cute catten? No! Instead, I give […]