Christmas Catten, Part 3: Attack Catten

Yesterday, Queenie stopped avoiding Tony and started being hostile to him instead. Tony would sometimes stand and resist, and sometimes beat a hasty (though strategic) retreat. Today, some sort of thaw has developed. Queenie is still chasing Tony around the house, and there’s still an aggressive component, a “This is me showing you who’s Boss” […]

Christmas Catten, Part 2: Free-Range Catten

When I got up early on Thursday morning after Tony the catten’s first night here, he was still huddled in his cage. I went over to the cage and talked to him softly and petted him some more, and right then and there he stretched and said, “Well, I can’t stay in this cage all […]

The Little Christmas Catten That Wasn’t

I have mentioned before in this space the perils of visiting my Mother-in-Law, Virginia, who is active in cat rescue. And yet, Sylvia and I went over to her house twice this month, to visit with her and Phil, and her son Bill and his son Alan. And (and this is going to totally blow […]

The Gallery of Stopped Time now sports a gallery (named “Gallery”) of images. It will grow over time, even encroaching into the dark past, but it’s already got some good recent stuff. You can see it live here. (Post #12 of 16 Posts in 16 Days)

Epson PictureMate Personal Photo Lab

…at least, that’s what Epson’s marketing department calls it. I call it a PictureMate Photo Printer. But I will say this, it’s incredibly reasonably priced, and it does the one thing that it does extremely well. The “one thing that is does” is to print a 4×6 photo, either from your camera’s media card (it […]

Canon EOS Rebel XT SLR and Canon Speedlite 580EX

Recently, my boss, Ron Traver, threw a party for the Network Management Software group and the Testing group, and as often happens nowadays, people sent e-mails to everybody afterwards, containing their digital photographs. I have been using a 3 megapixel piece of Canon consumer garbage, and it certainly does have compactness on its side, but […]

The Little Stockpot That Saved Christmas (Stew)

My lovely wife, Sylvia, had volunteered us to host Christmas, and to make the Christmas Stew for my in-laws. Now, you might or might not be surprised to hear this, but even though we’re 50 years old, we didn’t know how to make a stew. However, a few quick phone calls, web searches, look-ups in […]

The Relief and Shame of an A-

Yeah, it’s finally happened. After eight straight semesters of straight A’s, too. (Post #8 of 16 Posts in 16 Days)

‘…Wait, What Was That Reribbal Nonsense?’

It’s like this: I’m kind of a traditionalist. I believe in the Old Ways. They’re solid. They’ve got the weight of History and Tradition. So, if I’m going to tell you this story, I’m going to have to start it with one of the Classic Forms: “So, I’d had a couple of drinks…” Yeah, I […]

‘This One’s Due for Rebackal (and Reribbal, Surprisingly)’

So, when we last checked in on Our Hero (that’s me!), he had bravely suffered a diagnosis of BB (Bad Back), leading to WDFWWTF (Wacky Dropped Foot When Walking Too Fast). One of the things that my doctor had prescribed was Physical Therapy, so I’ve been going to professional Sadists three times a week for […]