Serenity Now!

It’s out, and it’s pretty great. Beware the comments link below; it may contain horrible, horrible spoilers. Also, avoid reading the reviews, because the ones I’ve read have been incredibly cavalier in this area. One possible remedy is suggested by Penny Arcade. In case you don’t know, Serenity started life as an amazing (though short-lived) […]

Tal Afar

You might have heard that some insurgent actions in Baghdad a week or two ago were in retaliation for what the coalition forces had done at Tal Afar. And if you were like me, you might have wondered, “WTF?” The mainstream news was that we had sent a mess of troops in there to disrupt […]

They Love Us, Really

More news out of Basra. First up, a wild story about a daring rescue from The Washington Post. Unfortunately, our guys were being rescued from the Iraqi police, rather than by them: British armored vehicles backed by helicopter gunships burst through the walls of an Iraqi jail Monday in the southern city of Basra to […]

Security Situation in Baghdad Sinking like the Titanic

A grim post on Juan Cole’s brilliant Informed Comment today: An observer in Iraq writes to me: “The situation has deteriorated in Baghdad dramatically today. Five neighborhoods (hay) in Baghdad are controlled by insurgents, and they are Amiraya, Ghazilya, Shurta, Yarmouk and Doura. It is very bad. My guys there report that cars have come […]

The Dread Judge Roberts

Well, it’s been months since he was first nominated, and I keep waiting to hear about this story on Meet the Press or one of the other Sunday shows, but the media just isn’t interested. Supreme Court Chief Justice Nominee John Roberts is as extreme as they come, maybe even John Bolton extreme (without Bolton’s […]

Sheriffs Prevented Katrina Victims From Evacuating

This American Life this week covers the aftermath of the Katrina flood. One of the most disturbing segments is about Larry Bradshaw and Lorrie Beth Slonsky, emergency medical services (EMS) workers from San Francisco who were caught in New Orleans when Katrina struck. [There were no flights out available, no rental cars available.] Lorrie tells […]

Get Out The Torches And The Pitchforks

People have asked me, “Why are you so consumed with hatred for the Bush administration? Surely this is not moderate, or even healthy?” And yeah, a more well-tempered Tom Chappell would laugh these things off. But let me tell you: it’s Sunday night, and right now, I’m thinking that there are going to be 10,000 […]