Robert Fisk on the Iraq Elections

Robert Fisk is a long-time correspondent on the Middle East, and is now back in Iraq. This is a single short snippet, just one brief monologue, part of a longer interview. ROBERT FISK: …The issue is, what is going to be the American involvement in providing Iraq with its next interim government? Again, I repeat […]

Eye News #10 – You May Feel a Slight Pressure

I went to the retinal specialist today, after far too long an absence. It turns out that I hadn’t gone since October 2003, and really, I should go every 4-6 months. I scored 20/20 on my Evil Eye (the Y2K eye), and only scored 20/40 on my Excellent Eye (formerly known as the Blind Eye). […]

Ducking The Press

On today’s “Meet the Press”, John Negroponte, Ambassador to Iraq, was given an opportunity by host Tim Russert to say that the United States would honor a request from the newly-elected Vichy government of Iraq to get the hell out of Dodge, and he totally ducked it.  There are lots of explanations for this that […]

Collective Punishment and Hearts and Minds

Unembedded journalist Dahr Jamail writes from Iraq of the hamfisted tactics being used by the U.S. Military there, as their frustration mounts over the ever-swelling insurgency: in the al-Dora region of Baghdad, Americans have bulldozed date palm farms, refused to remove unexploded ordinance in fields until the locals deliver an insurgent in payment, have punatively […]

Possible Deep Regret

U.S.-led forces raided a house in Aaytha (south of Mosul), then hit it with a 500-pound bomb, killing 14, then realized that it was the wrong house after all, and finally capped off the whole sorry affair with a remarkably-inept apology, yesterday: “Multi-National Force-Iraq deeply regrets the loss of possibly innocent lives.” Tom Englehardt comments: […]

The Salvador Option

Newsweek reports that the U.S. government is actively considering setting up kidnapping and death squads in Iraq, such as were used in El Salvador during the Reagan era. The article quotes one senior military officer as saying, “What everyone agrees is that we can’t just go on as we are. We have to find a […]

Those Wacky Realists

At a New America Foundation luncheon today, Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser for former President George H.W. Bush, predicted a civil war in Iraq following the January 30th elections, widely expected to be dominated by Iraq’s long-oppressed Shiite majority. He shared the podium with Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, who said that […]

Doom, Defeat and Despair in Iraq

This week, a horrific article in The Economist (which, I must say, has been doing a fantastic job of reporting from Iraq). It paints an incredibly bleak picture: I don’t see how anyone could think that the situation there is in any way winnable. Since discovering that roadside bombs, known as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), […]