The Economist Endorses John Kerry

Britain’s most famous conservative journal (they would call themselves liberal), The Economist, endorsed John Kerry for President of the United States. They did so “with a heavy heart,” but as they put it on their cover, the choice was between… “The incompetent or the incoherent?” A paragraph from their history demonstrates how the popular meaning […]

European Union Constitution Signed

…and again, because they’re a civilized Confederation of States, they put equal rights clauses for women and homosexuals and a prohibition against the death penalty into their Constitution as a matter of course. Meanwhile, this side of the Atlantic, no prospect for any such thing for the next 25 years. I’ve rarely been so ashamed […]

It’s the Incompetence, Stupid

[First-rank newspaper] “…The Philadelphia Inquirer is doing something unprecedented in its endorsement of John Kerry. It’s publishing 21 editorials over 21 days in a series called 21 Reasons to Elect Kerry. Each editorial expands on the differences between Kerry and Bush in one area, ranging from Homeland Security to HeadStart. Opposite the Editorial, on the […]

It’s the Corruption, Stupid

“…What happened [recently] in Florida was that the Secretary of State got caught promulgating a list of so-called Florida Felons who were not eligible to vote. When this decision of hers was questioned, and investigated (by, I think, news media) it was found that many of the people on her list were indeed not felons, […]

It’s the Insane Religious Extremism, Stupid

The New York Times published an outstanding (and chilling) article about the Bush Presidency today. I’ve included some excerpts, but I encourage you to follow the link to their web site to get the full text of the article. Bruce Bartlett, a domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan and a treasury official for the first […]

U. S. Patent #6,785,698

I got word today that my patent was issued by the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office on August 31, actually a full day earlier than the September-October timeframe that I’d been promised. That’s service! I filed the initial paperwork in January 2001, so the whole process took somewhat less than 4 years. Alcatel gives […]