New Kitten “Queenie”

About two weeks ago, we went to see a Siamese Kitten that had come under my Mother-in-Law Virginia’s sway (one of the advantages of having a relative active in Cat Rescue). It was too timid to be appealing, but then we were captured by an utterly ordinary but utterly charming grey tuxedo cat (one of […]

Most Effective Use of Stalin In A Computer Science Class

From my friend and fellow student Alexander Vinnitsky’s presentation in my Software Engineering Economics class, of a case study of a corporate merger: “The man who was put in charge of completing the merger had had it made clear to him that his entire career was riding on a successful result. Or, in the words […]

Never Get Married by Your Nemesis in the Middle of a Strong Offshore Wind

“Jeff asked me if I wouldn’t mind making some introductory remarks before we got started. Of course, being Jeff, he didn’t ask me last month, or last week — he asked me this morning. As Jeff explained, ‘Dude, I wasn’t going to wait to ask you right before the ceremony!’ So, perhaps in accordance with […]