PTO Allowance

I heard today that “The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued an Allowance for your Patent.” This apparently means that they agree that the application was filled out correctly, that the invention represents something new, useful, and non-obvious, and that they are prepared to issue me a patent. Now, the only thing left […]

Computer Science Yes, Math No

I received my graduation evaluation in the mail today, and as feared, there was a crucial piece of paperwork missing that connected my Georgia Tech Mathematics courses to their Cal State equivalents, at least for the purposes of the Math minor. That could have been corrected easily, but more seriously, the Math minor requires that […]

“The Best Gloat Ever!”

Here are the highlights from my final Baccalaureate Semester, and a nice surprise at the actual ceremony: MATH 481a: In my Numerical Methods class (a class that covers how to use computers to estimate high-precision answers to higher math problems such as boundary problems in differential calculus), my Math professor achieved something I would have […]

Special Skills Draft

On top of reports that the Selective Service has been restaffing draft boards across the country, here’s an item from the News Briefs section at the front of this month’s Communications of the ACM, the flagship magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery: The U.S. government, despite denials to the contrary, is making its first […]