Tom Chappell vs. the Unfeeling Administrative Machine

I went to see the CSUN Graduation Evaluation department today. They have a physical office, but I’d always called them on the phone. “When will you have my Grad Check done?” “Oh, well, you submitted your Grad Check application late–” “–late, six months ago–” “Yes, yes. So, we should have an answer for you in […]

50 Years Ago Today…

…a few activist judges ruled that a “Separate but Equal” form of education for African-Americans was a clear violation of the United States Constitution. (United States Supreme Court, Brown v. Board of Education) Fifty years later, a few activist judges have compelled the State of Massachussetts to no longer require a separate-but-equal form of state-recognized […]

Welcome to Level Two! California State University Northridge Department of Computer Science College of Engineering and Computer Science Dear Student: I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the Computer Science Master of Science program as a fully classified student. On behalf of the faculty and staff I welcome you to the University and […]

Inhofe Outrage

WASHINGTON – At a hearing today held by the Senate Armed Services Committee investigating the horrible abuse and torture of Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, dangerous right-wing fundamentalist idiot Sen. James Inhofe shocked those who had never before heard him speak. “I’m probably not the only one up at this table […]

Such Wonders

Such Wonders Another fine site from John Blackburn, about matters eclectic (and pedantic, though he denies it).

Craig’s Grade Triumph!

From my sister Jan’s son Craig: “I just checked my grades and I got the 4.0 this semester.” …and those are sweet, sweet Graduate Degree grades!