Big Man On Campus

I left Georgia Tech lo these many years ago to accept a job, thinking, “I’ll finish the degree out in California; how hard could it be? I only need two classes.”

Well, it has turned out to be pretty hard. Georgia Tech has a rule (the 50-Hour Rule) that the last 50 hours of your coursework have to be completed at Georgia Tech, and then there’s the 10-Year Rule, which states that all of your coursework must be completed within a span of 10 years. I had checked with UCLA a while back, and they had a similar rule, but maybe it was the 15-Year Rule…at any rate, as far as everyone was concerned, my previous coursework was now nothing but waste paper.

But then I was helping Sean apply to various colleges, and one of them was Califronia State Northridge, the only four-year college in the San Fernando Valley, and it occurred to me that I’d never tried them…and they didn’t have a time limit! At least, not officially. So I applied, and jumped through all of the hoops. I had ask the ETS for a copy of my old SAT scores because who remembers those (Verbal 630 + Math 750 = 1380), and today I got word that I have been accepted! They had to give me a Special Exception, because I’m really supposed to have taken Public Speaking already if I’m transferring in, but since this wasn’t a requirement at Georgia Tech, they’re going to just insist that I take it as part of my first semester there.

Anyway, I’m back! Watch out, little baby college students!