Eye News #7 – Checkup Results 4 Weeks After Surgery #3

I saw the doctor again today — he continued to say that my retina looks great and that my lens is continuing to improve.  My pressure has dropped to 12, so he reduced my Cosopt dose from twice to once per day.  This should speed up the production of fluid.

He told me to be sure to continue looking down, which puzzled me at first, because I felt like I had about 45% fluid in my eye, which was about where he told me not to worry about it after the first operation.   However, another puzzling thing has been the fact that my focus has remained at about 1/4″ from my eye (giving me an excellent view of the hairs on my nose, but nothing else).   He has maintained all this time that, well, my eye still has a lot of gas in it, and that after there is more fluid, I’ll see more normally, and I just felt as if, “No, I remember what it was like before at 45% fluid.”

So, on the way home from the doctor’s, I noticed, just at the very tippy top of my vision, the return of a normal (for me) focus distance in this eye — I can clearly focus on fingers held a half foot or so from my hand (without glasses).   So, I realized that I still have MUCH less fluid in my eye than I had thought — it’s more like 20% or so fluid at best (after four weeks!), and I’m only now starting to get some meaningful amount of retina that is illuminated by light that hasn’t had to pass through gas on its way to the retina.

Sooooo: the good news is quite good (retina looks great, lens continues to heal, normal vision finally starting to return as eye slowly fills with fluid, and the rate of fluid production should increase now with the drug reduction), and the bad news is just the same darn old thing (gotta keep my head down).

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