Eye News #3 – I’m Free!

I went to the retinal surgeon today, and he liked the looks of my eye.  He took me off of the pressure-control drugs that were giving me bronchitis (because my pressure was down from 40 or 27 to a superb “10”).   I can breathe again!  Also, he cut the combination steroid / anti-biotic drops from […]

Eye News #2 – One Week After Surgery

My right eye still has a big gas bubble in it, which plays hell with focus. I was thinking at first that this was tears (as in ‘crying’, not the other word which means ‘rips’) in front of the eye, but now I’m pretty sure that it’s the gas bubble. I can tell you, though, […]

Eye News #1

On Saturday afternoon, July 8, I started to see thousands of dots and big ropey floaters in my “good” right eye (as opposed to my “blind” left eye that had had a retinal detachment 25 years before), but then it was better on Saturday night.  The dots came back Sunday morning while I was riding […]