Journey to France (#4: Qu’est-ce que c’est «l’autocar?»)

[The story so far: Our Heroes have secured snug transport, scary and delicious food, and comfortable lodgings at Novotel in the La Défense section on the outskirts of Paris.] Monday morning Ron and I got up early (6:30 AM local time) and walked through sector 1 of La Défense, basically walking to the Grande Arche […]

Journey to France (#3: “Parisians!”)

[The story thus far: our heroes have navigated their way safely through the minefields of car rentals and viciously-designed European washrooms and have emerged: washed, tanned (we’re from California), and hungry – above all, hungry.] We met at 7:30 on Sunday night and strolled through La Défense, making our way up to La Grande Arche.  […]